ProTop Installation Instructions for *nix

1) Set your terminal window at least 160 columns wide and 48 lines tall:
2) Extract the downloaded package into a “protop” directory on your database server:
3) Launch from your protop directory:
4) If you wish to trend data on the free web portal, select “Create a new custId” or enter your existing custId:
5) Enter a valid email address:
6) Enter your database directory to have your databases “auto-discovered” or leave blank to skip this step:
7) Choose the database(s) you want monitored and press Ctrl-X or F1 to save and exit:
An email will be sent with your new custId credentials:
8) Add the ProTop DBMonitor task in your crontab. See example in $PROTOP/etc/crontab.pt3:
9) Verify that the DBMonitor process is running ...
Otherwise, launch bin/ to start the monitoring agents:
10) Log in to the ProTop web portal: using the emailed credentials:
11) If there are no firewall or proxy issues, you’ll start seeing data in the web portal in about 5-10 minutes:
If you have any problems, please download our detailed installation and troubleshooting guide here or contact for assistance.

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